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What is a Decision Coach?


A Decision Coach is certified in both the Allovance Method and the Allovance software. They are capable of managing a quantified decision making process in a variety of categories. They understand how to eliminate decision biases from the process, and implement the 5-step Allovance Method to help organizations reach better decisions that truly support organizational strategies and are the most effective use of intellectual, mechanical, or financial capital.



Get trained by decision making experts as you learn all the essential skills necessary to lead, facilitate, and manage the Allovance Method.



Collect points simply by using the Allovance Method. The more models you create, the more points you earn. Its that simple.


Live Workshops

Get invited to live workshops once you’ve collected enough points. Workshops are led by Sherif Farghal, CEO of Allovance and cover a vast array of extensive training for each part of the process.



Complete workshops to become a certified Allovance Method Decision Coach. You are now capable of managing a quantified decision making process for your team.

Real People. Real Decisions.

“Our team started using the Allovance Method for their departmental decisions. I became a Decision Coach and became confident in my ability to manage and facilitate the entire process. Being the Decision Coach, you interact with many levels of the organization, including the strategic board; Something I would not have had a chance to do without becoming certified.”