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Decision making expertise supported by a smart software solution that structures,
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What is Allovance?
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Simplifying decision making with data

Guide Decisions

Our platform walks you through every step of the decision making process, ensuring that each step of the process is successfully completed.

Collaborate Internally

Decisions don't happen in a silo. Our platform encourages a healthy blend of management and team collaboration. Unbiased, of course.

Scientifically Backed

Our platform incorporates proven scientific methodologies into the art of decision making.


Most companies do not have a structured process for decision making. Our goal was to change that. But in order to do so, we had to keep the interface fresh, the experience smooth, and simplicity at our core. Allovance Method moves you from start to finish in five intentional steps.
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Decision Making.

We have spent the last 20 years perfecting our proprietary decision making methodology. We then translated that methodology into the world's most powerful strategic decision making platform. A tool that leaves bias at the door and focuses solely on the data. You input the priorities, you compare projects, your team quantifies the importance and Allovance Method leaves you with a balanced scorecard. Want to see it in action?
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Biases in decision making vs Allovance Method

According to leading decision making experts, there are numerous biases that decision makers fall into.
The Allovance Method helps users avoid these traps when making decisions.


What you see or hear first feels most important.

We developed our own systematic approach based on a balanced scorecard.


We prefer things to stay the same.

We evaluate projects independently and select those that are strategically aligned.


We make decisions that justify past choices.

We dynamically take into consideration changes in priorities.

Confirming Evidence

We seek information that supports our existing view.

We utilize a structured process to lay out a step-by-step approach to capital allocation.


The way we state the problem influences what we decide.

We leverage a concuss building model that evolves the true strategic priorities.


These are made without clear feedback about accuracy.

We analyze real time variance to minimize deviation from strategic priorities.


Influenced by information received prior to your decision.

We systematically score projects so that all information is considered.

Project Influence

Teams select a project that seems desirable to them.

We justify project selection based on input to avoid workarounds.


Skews the decision to the most influential person in the room.

We separate strategic prioritization from project selection.

Personal Influence

Individuals select projects based on personal bias.

We built collaborative tools to allow all users to participate in the decision making process.

Dominant Criterion

Using one criterion to make decisions & ignoring the rest.

We ensure all criteria is considered by delivering a strategic value scorecard.

Thin Slicing

Individuals make snap judgments based on first impressions.

We ensure 100% consideration by formalizing the process of evaluating and scoring projects.


Make your next decision with The Allovance Method.

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